Information for Club Orders

Orders for club awards may be placed in the store (link to the left) or by phone or email to When I receive your order I will email you an invoice for your review and approval. As soon as I receive your approval I'll start the order. If you order in the store, note that the store can't show quantity discounts. They have to be applied manually. So the automatic reply you get from the store will be overridden by the invoice I will send you. Click on "Quantity Discounts" in the menu to the left to see required quantities and discounted prices.

You can pay with a credit card (in the store-securely, or over the phone), club check (preferred), or PayPal. Your order will go out whether your check has arrived or not, if time is short to get it to you.

Please do give me some lead time for the big orders. Most of the clubs order during November, December, and January so it might take a bit longer to get an order out during those months. You can submit an order in stages. I can always add to an order in process and it helps to be able to get started on an order as soon as possible.

For your convenience I've put a link to some Excel spreadsheets that list all of the available titles with columns for each of the available items. You can open the spread sheets, enter your item counts in the appropriate columns, and save the file to your computer. You can then attach it to an email to me with your order details, such as shipping address, method of payment, and when you need the order to arrive.

Link to excel spreadsheet for organizing large orders

Excel Spreadsheet of all Titles