Custom Orders

To place a custom order please click on the "Contact Me" link in the menu to the left and either phone or email me. Please see chart below for sizes and shapes available.

If you are sending artwork as an email attachment, a high resolution jpg file is best. The setup fee for custom orders depends on the amount of time I have to spend developing the artwork. That includes making changes to artwork supplied by you or coming up with new artwork to your specifications. Fees may range from $5.00 on up. Any design made especially for you will not be available to anyone else.

If you want a design that will have general appeal and that would be available in the store there is no setup fee.

I will send samples of designs by email for you to choose from and approve. If you want a physical sample mailed to you the cost would include the setup fee and the retail cost of the item. For example, a simple design for a custom pin would be $5.00 for the setup and $8.75 for the pin for a total of $13.75 (plus CA tax if you are in California).

If you want a design for a title offered by an organization with whom I do not have a licensing agreement I will not be able to use any logos or trademarked sets of letters but will come up with a generic version of the title.