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Celebrate success with your canine partner!

ANNOUNCING NEW PRODUCTS - We're introducing two new sizes of magnets suitable for putting on your vehicle, your fridge, or any surface that will hold a magnet.  They are available for some of the champion titles now and we'll be adding more as they are requested. 


We offer lapel pins, zipper pulls, key chains, and displays to celebrate your canine team's accomplishments.  There are also items for rescue and therapy dogs as well as things to indicate your support for a particular sport in which your pup may not have earned a title yet.

Check out the Display page for wall plaques and photo displays that can hang on your soft crate, wire crate, canopy, or x-pen, stands for medals and more.

We offer quantity discounts for some orders.  See the Discounts page for more information.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are looking for something not already available on these pages. 


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